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Clouds are gorgeous today. Love these puffy beautiful creations. At dentist, I had to grab the tripod and camera and roll a little 4k timelapse with 3 second intervals, hopefully delicious when I see it on studio monitor. #CanonM50 #Sigma18-35 #Timelapse #SierraGold (at Cool, California)

Desert time. Then dessert. 4th is gonna be HOT! Happy holidays to everyone! Packed up, chilling, swimming, arcading, editing on the road. Change is good. Live, long and prosper as Spoke always says. #Embarc #4thofJuly #Independence #PalmDesert #FamilyFirst #CanonM50 (at Embarc Palm Desert)

Hold on batsman!!! What a night? Spider-Man! Save the night. When lightening strikes you wake up - Mercy Mercy me. Pic is from Columbia Historic Township — throwback at Columbia Diggins.

#CanonM50 #Canon24L #SierraGold (at Sierra Gold - Original Series)

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